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5 Marketing Campaigns That Were a Viral Hit

The market is witnessing an explosion of social media, content, email and internet marketing campaigns that have been designed to induce consumers into buying their product. The right balance of marketing however, comes by telling meaningful stories along with calculated risks.
We give you a few examples of marketing campaigns that were so good that the nation couldn’t stop talking about them.

LG – October 2012

LG introduced their new range of IPS monitors. They decided to advertise these “lifelike’’ monitors by attempting a winning stunt. They decided to replace an elevators floor with the monitors and played a video where they tricked people into believing that the elevator is about to fall!

The original video got over 22.9M YouTube hits making the whole stunt a success.


Star Sports Mauka Mauka Ad – 2015

Cricket for Indians is no less than a religion. There is an inevitable craze between people before every world cup series that takes place every four years.

During the ICC World Cup – 2015, Star Sports decided to come up with the “Mauka Mauka” campaign series which later became a brand by itself. The first ad released on YouTube on 7th February, 2015. Within 12 hours of being online, the ad got more than a million organic views. It went onto fetch 2.3 million views in 3 weeks.

The ad went on to be so successful, it went onto become a whole new series of the Mauka Mauka campaign.

Frooti Rebranding Campaign – 2015

Parle Agro’s brand, Frooti decided to re-brand itself with a new logo and visual aesthetic. The brand represented the mangoes in a playful and interesting manner, engaging the audience.


On social media, the brand created customized gifs to increase user engagement.

Maggi ­– 2015

Last year, country’s most popular brand of noodles, Maggi, faced a nationwide ban for having lead and monosodium glutamate above permissible limits. The brand could have either given into the fiasco or comeback with an even bigger and better strategy.

And that’s exactly what they did. The brand rolled out a series of #WeMissYouToo videos showcasing the love that a common man has for Maggi.

Later, when Maggi got lifted from the ban and became available on Snapdeal, the brand came up with another fun series of #WelcomeBackMaggi – celebrating the comeback of the brand.


#RealBeautySketches by Dove – 2013

Dove came out with a three-minute ad showcasing the difference of how you see your beauty and how a stranger sees it. Several women were asked to describe their beauty to an FBI forensic sketch artists. A bunch of strangers were then asked to do the same about those women.

The result? The one based on the stranger’s portrayal was more beautiful, happier and more accurate. It proved exactly what we suspected: that you’re more beautiful than you think.

The ad became the third most shared ad of all time and more than 50 million people viewed the Dove video within 12 days of its release. To date, Real Beauty Sketches has been viewed almost 180 million times.


We often question the power of marketing in today’s world.  While some brands are nailing it, some are going a level up against what’s already existing in the market.

Have you come across any such campaign that made you a fan of the brand/product?

Tell us in the comments section below.



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