5 Marketing Campaigns That Were a Viral Hit

The market is witnessing an explosion of social media, content, email and internet marketing campaigns that have been designed to induce consumers into buying their product. The right balance of marketing however, comes by telling meaningful stories along with calculated risks.
We give you a few examples of marketing campaigns that were so good that the nation couldn’t stop talking about them.

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6 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out


Glib-tongued copywriting is crucial especially when it comes to making your brand an influential entity in the psyche of your consumers. A creative ad copy should compel your consumers to want to buy your product/service bad enough.

And that’s one skill a marketer is required to develop and get a good hang of.

Look out for our 6 convenient and potent copywriting tips:

  1. Catch the Fish – have a better title in mind?

Use a powerful title, one which has ATTENTION up for grabs for your consumers. And it should only take about split seconds to achieve that bit. Make it appealing to an extent that lets your consumer go that extra mile to look for you.

Posing questions and including numbers in your copy for example would be great to make for an attention-grabbing title.

  1. Strike a chord. Make the connection.

Leave your imprint on the consumer brain as a human being. Connect with your audience in a way where they can see the company as a living entity, and feel positive and closer to your brand in return.

  1. Be content-wise. Snip off the sales talk!

Ensure that your content orbits around your consumers and make it consciously with the POV of their problems, before you go on to proposing your brand as a solution.

Free Advice – Do not overdo the promotional offers. Make the soft sell.

  1. Be brief or give it up.

Brevity is the soul of wit or people wouldn’t buy into “just do-ing it” to drive a top sports’ brands sales on such a large scale. Saying more in less words is a prerequisite to making your brand sound intelligent and sincere. Needless to say, it does have a powerful impact on consumer psyche. So be brief, be sincere and be seated!


Monday Mashup #4


Twitter drops character limit for DM

After replies to tweets, one more content feature of twitter loses it’s 140 character limit – Direct Messages. In recent months, many changes have been made by twitter to it’s platform to gain momentum in the competitive social media scenario. The latest change has been observed by the Direct Message which was initially a personal tweet. But now, the appeal to Direct Message feature has been changed by removing the word limit so now the user chats on and on in a single message.

Tinder and Vanity Fair in tenterhooks

Vanity Fair very recently published an article discussing the impact of dating apps such as Tinder on romantic lives of young people. Tinder didn’t take this criticism too lightly and presented it’s own share of facts in an angry tweet. This went on to a rant which Twitterrati didn’t take kindly to and reacted in their own way.

YouTube numbers no more a secret

In a move to make the channel more transparent, YouTube has retired it’s 301+ viewers count. Now the numbers would be exact and more concrete. YouTube released infographic in this regard to make it easy for the users to understand the change and hence adapt to it. Previously the videos with more count were considered popular and featured on the home page. To counteract this, the channel changed the number display and froze the count to 300. Anything north of the number goes as 300+. But now, this number would no more be the barometer to measure a video’s popularity.

Twitter for Brands


Twitter is the medium that focuses on people. Hence, brands need to be precise about the image and persona they want to reflect on this channel. Tweets don’t have the same longevity as a Facebook post and so Twitter requires more tweets to engage with your user.

Below are the insights on what works for brands and how they can play on the twitter torrent to get a strong follower-base without indulging in paid activity.

  1. Post like a person, not like a logo

People love it when they can attach faces and personalities to brands. Connecting with people is never difficult when the brands have a humanized voice. Making your brand more than just a logo for a product manufacturer makes people believe in it and they interact with it more enthusiastically. Like in this example, Café Cuba may as well be a jolly Mexican instead of a drink.

Twitter Blog

  1. Post often

Twitter tolerates much more frequent posting than Facebook. So reaching out to your customers and interacting with them daily is very important. It is also shown that brands who engage daily with their followers have over 31% chances of increasing traffic on their websites.

Twitter Blog 2

  1. Rise of visuals

Images go viral more easily than content which is why Twitter increased the image visibility. This lets brands post more and more images and gain traction easily. So if you have an interesting story, show it. Your audiences are very interested to be updated with what their favorite brands are up to and how they perceive the world. For instance, this image by Oreo received more RTs and favorites than a simple content tweet.

Twitter Blog 3

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtag is the one jargon that rules the conversation and plays an active role in making topics trend on Twitter. It has the potential of increasing user engagement on a tweet by 24%. Hence, one should definitely leverage this geeky symbol to gain traction and become visible to your demographics.

Twitter Blog 4

Generating popularity on twitter and becoming a viral trend is not that difficult. The platform has a number of features that help your brand gain the desired engagement. The trick is to use them smartly and keep on driving engagement.

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