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Change is inevitable and with an ever-dynamic field such as Social Media, evolution is even more inexorable. Innumerable Social Media Agencies are catering to innumerable brands. So what is so new about Spark18? To understand that, a flashback is certainly in order.

Aayush Narang, the Founder and Managing Director, was only ‘18’, studying Computer Science Engineering when he came up with the ‘sparkling’ idea- Spark18. With a vision to provide the uncustomary, near perfection service and more than the existential market offerings, he created this creatively serious social media agency.

All agencies promise ‘awesome’ services to potential clients. Coffee on a rainy day can also be awesome. Awesome is such a cliché. But Social Media? It has to be Exuberant! Trends and algorithms change, capturing the fleeting attention of audiences is a major challenge, and being just another agency serving the same as others is like predicting the expiry even before the start. That is why Spark18 is a concoction of research, analysis, and carefully chalked out strategies.

Every achievement has been a story of passion and dedication. The learning curve was steep but with the able mentorship of veterans, attainable. Cracking major MNC and Augmented Reality accounts as a start up proves the sheer will of Spark18 of providing excellent deliverables to brands and building a humane image for them. The recognition and impeccable performance in every project helped the team grow and thrive.

Content and Creative is the backbone of Social Media. SparkEighteen has always levied serious interest in hiring only the best writers that have the knowledge and penchant for everything social. To see is to feel, to feel is to believe and to make every sight a belief, our designers possess the uncanny ability to convert thoughts to images. To execute the awe-inspiring work flawlessly, the managing resources guide, contribute and motivate the team to believe in their proclivity and proficiency.

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With a new office space both charming as well as so lively, the team is constantly brimming with energy and a vibe that is so much more impactful than motivational words from a board meeting. Brainstorming, Caffeine-ating, and willing to contribute more to the cauldron of success- the team loves to work here! There is no fatigue but just lot of buzz!

Fresh space, strong team and much more visibility- the code to success has been decoded.

This is Us. This is SparkEighteen. And we are set to make your brand not ‘the next big thing’, but THE Big Thing.

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