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If its digital, its Spark Eighteen.

Design & Development

An aesthetic appeal for your complete digital presence is what it takes, and we deliver just that.

Digital Marketing

If you’ve got a target audience online, we’ll help you reach them a 100%! If you don’t, lets make one together. We’re a one stop shop for digital delivery.

Affiliate Marketing

You bring the bread, we bring the butter. When it comes to digital presence, suggestions for the right partners are just an enquiry away. Get your digital presence, viral!

Social Media Marketing

If you’ve got the goods, the world wide web deserves to know. Moreover, we’d like to take you to a market thats bursting with enthusiasm and interest.

Web/App Development

You are only as good as what your website portraits. Leave the development to us, as you rejoice in the compliments of your online appeal.

Digital Media Consulting

The online space has a lot to offer, by partnering with us, insights of the digital world are just an email away.

  • Well done is better than well said

    (Benjamin Franklin)
  • It always seems impossible, until its done

    (Nelson Mandela)
  • Plan your day as your last and won’t need to ever look back

    (Steve Jobs)
  • It takes a lot of courage to recognize the right thing and then execute it the difficult hard way

    (Team Spark Eighteen)

Our Team

  • Founder & Managing Director

    Aayush Narang

    Founder & Managing Director
  • Chief Technical Officer

    Reshav Singla

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Account Manager

    Dev D Khanna

    Account Manager
  • Design Lead

    Rajan Dhingra

    Design Lead
  • Brand Partner

    Amisha Duggal

    Brand Partner
  • Tech Analyst

    Hemant Panchal

    Tech Analyst
  • Front End Developer

    Lalit Joshi

    Front End Developer
  • Content Strategist

    Anam Khan

    Content Strategist
  • Marketing Lead

    Tushar Sharma

    Marketing Lead
  • Graphic Designer

    Mehak Dhawan

    Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer

    Kritika Singhania

    Graphic Designer

Our Clients

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